Adi Barwari Kali Puja
official tagline

'The Oldest Kali Puja in the history of Kolkata'

Kali Puja 2018 :

Sherar Sera Barwari Kali Puja 2017

Sherar Sera Barwari Kali Puja 2017

College Street is located on the Central part of the city Kolkata and Adi Barwari Kali puja is in the heart of the people of this locality. Adi Barwari Kali Puja is now one of the few kali pujas of this locality which has slowly and steadily made a permanent place in the hearts of thousands. It is like a fairly tale, a long journey full of ecstasy, pain, sweat and joy.

158 years ago, it started as a small sincere effort which laid the foundation, inspired us to move forward with honesty and determination. The puja was first started in the year 1858 and perhaps this is one of the oldest Kali Puja around Central Kolkata. Great expectations and enthusiasm were generated among the members and well wishers of the club. A good numbers of members are dedicated to the service of uplifting the fame of this kali puja. This puja is not a puja of any community but it is the puja of the entire mankind irrespective of any differences.

The puja committee is deeply committed to social activities. Helping the needy with funds for medical treatment, providing study material to poor and meritorious students and donation for natural calamities are some of the social work the committee is engaged in. In 2017, we will proudly complete our 159 years of celebration. Adi Barwari Kali Puja has now grown up into a huge tree which gives a cool shade on the head of the local people through serving them.




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